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Can't get enough of your favourite curry? Salivating over the thought of your next stir fry?
Then drop into Bar Asia for our tantilising range of exotic Asian dishes!

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Bar Asia

It’s all about the food.

Walking through the busy streets and markets in Asia, You are awestruck and amazed by the aromas and tantalizing variety of the food stalls, they fill the street: creating a delicious obstacle course.

Asian street food is the most convenient and accessible of Asian cuisine. At Bar Asia we dedicate ourselves to bring that unique experience of Asian street food to you.

Les Huynh is the man behind the team at Bar Asia with more than 20 years of experience in Asian cooking, author of cook books “Blue Ginger”, “Takeaway”; founder of Blue Ginger (Balmain), Ginger Room (Neutral Bay), Dragonfly (Collaroy) and the award winning Chi and Co. (Canley Heights).

Our restaurants are fast and friendly and built on a simple formula. We employ great people, we use top quality ingredients and we cook-to-order each dish by using the searing effects of traditional wok stir frying. Our fantastic team then serve meals fresh to our customers in record time!


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